Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lizards, Snakes and Creepy Things

Spring is the Time of Dragons, Lizards, Snakes and Creepy Things

According to another version of the legend of NotburgaKing Dagobert held his court at Mosbach. His daughter fled from him because he wanted to force her marriage to a pagan from the Wendt tribe. She was only kept alive in a cave by a snake who brought her herbs and roots, until she finally died there. Wandering will o’the wisps revealed the girl’s grave and the king’s daughter was later found. Two steers pulled the wagon carrying her corpse and they remained standing at the place she is now buried. A church now marks the spot. Many miracles happen at that place. A picture of the snake is also carved in the stone at Hochhausen. An altar portrait shows the same, but here Notburga appears with her beautiful hair, before she was beheaded to satisfy her father’s rage.