Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Werwatz Werewolves: Dark night of the soul!

The Werwatz Werewolves
Chapter 11, Part 2
Fairy Tale of Prince and Horse

Prince and horse scuttered to the protective walls of Heidenheim while howling and hissing could be heard in fast pursuit. The werewolves were approaching fast on their heels; there was no time to delay. They must seek shelter within the walls of the monastery and request the protection of Winibald and Willibald.

Now the silhouette of the monastery could be seen through the woods. A light burned within and they hastened to reach the sanctuary. The howling grew louder, the snapping of jaws more distinct and a cacophony of barking soon enveloped them. “Faster!” the horse encouraged the faltering prince. “Quick, alight on my back and I will carry you more swiftly!” And so it happened: they breached the walls of Heidenheim and horse and man collapsed within.

Exhaustion overwhelmed and a deep sleep fell upon them while a raging storm of meerwolves and beerwolves encircled them. It was the clan of Werwatz that now girdled the castle as they lay listlessly under the fetid stench and baleful bark of the Werwatz Werewolves.

Dark night of the soul!