Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Nose Fairy Tale

Grimm’s Saga No. 253: The Nose Fairy Tale

Grapevines and Noses

There was a fellow living at the farm of a certain gentleman named H., who performed a strange and disgraceful act at a feast. After the guests had all eaten, they desired that the man perform one of his many tricks for their amusement. So he had a vine filled with ripe grapes grow out of the table-top, one vine standing before each guest's place setting . Then he commanded everyone to grab hold of the vine in one hand and with the other, to place a knife at the vine's stem, as if to cut off the fruit. But he told them not to sever the stalk. He then left the room and when he had returned, each person held the knife to his own nose . If they had cut the stem, each would have wounded his own nose.

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