Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Spring, Almost, in Fairy Tale Land

The weather (finally) seems to be a bit more like spring! And surely beautiful days are on the way! In these times of hopeful anticipation, it's best to read fairy tales celebrating all things related to the garden, flowers, birds' nests and hedgehogs. Here is a selection of my favorite spring fairy tales:

To read tales about mysterious vegetation, including the Wonderflower, Bird's Nest and the spooky Alraun or Mandrake plant, hit the link.

Have you planted your carrots yet? Before you do, read this tale about the King of All Carrots.

Essential reading for understanding the gory mythology of the garden, spring planting and the natural cycles of the earth:  the Three Golden Apples.

And my favorite hedgehog tale takes place in the furrows of the garden: Garden States and Merry Mornings

According to European folk tradition, the song of the cuckoo announces spring. Read a fairy tale of How the Cuckoo Came to Call and the fairy tale of the Newt and Cuckoo.

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