Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring is in the Air in Fairy Tale Land: But there is one more cold night (or a few)!

A cold night (in fairy tale land)!

A Swiss fairy tale from Binn

One cold night!

In the foothills of Binn a man got it into his head to spend an entire winter alone in his cabin!  One night a Gogwargi gnome came to him and very much astonished inquired if it wasn't too cold for him there alone as he was.

"Yes, yes," came the reply, "it is indeed cold". "But whatever shall you do here alone in this poorly insulated chamber cut off from human contact and far, far away."

The Gogwargi motioned that the man should come with him to a place where a large haystack stood. The Gogwargi pushed away some of the hay and both slipped into the neat little hollow.  

"Cover yourself well with the hay", the gnome admonished, "tonight will be quite frigid!"

The man from Binn slept quickly and when he awoke he found no trace of the little Gogwargi gnome.  Crawling out from his neat little hollow he suddenly found himself in a green meadow. He began to laugh and sing and dance and had such joy for winter was over!

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Dr. Vandana Sharma said...

What a lovely gift for the old man!